Published May 9, 2023

Author Solidigm Team


Increasing Data Center Efficiency

Density-optimized SSDs for mainstream and read-intensive workloads are changing the digital landscape 

Challenges continue to mount for enterprise data center customers as workloads become more read and data-intensive. One thing is certain, though: Data centers, and the underlying storage technology they rely on, must adapt to this evolution in how data is stored and accessed. Research conducted by IDC emphasizes critical observations and identifies how QLC SSDs can help enterprise data center customers improve their performance and efficiency, which can result in lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

IDC logo over data center stacks with Solidigm QLC drives

To learn more about IDC’s research, density-optimized QLC SSDs, and product offerings provided by Solidigm, download the white paper here.

IDC Customer Success Story with Solidigm QLC SSDs